TOK encourages refugee women to participate in society. This begins with ensuring that they are part of it. TOK considers it its task to show these women the opportunities they have in Germany for integration and self-realisation. The aim is not to talk about the refugee women, but with them.

Die Ziele von TOK

The goals of Transfer of Knowledge, TOK, can be summarised under the motto "Help for Self-Help". We believe that the integration of women into German society only works by strengthening self-esteem, self-determination and independence.

TOK builds bridges between refugee women and women who live in society with a similar biography and background. Each person follows an individual path in life. Our projects should give them the opportunity to talk about it. We make them heard and let them know that they are not alone. We want them to know that there is an individual way for each of them to get involved and participate in society.

Specifically, TOK supports women who have fled and women in war zones in the following areas: