Bjeen Alhassan

Bjeen Alhassan (Bijîn in Kurdish) is the founder of Transfer of Knowledge. Born in Northeast Syria, she fled the conflict in 2014.
Bjeen has a Bachelors in Economics from the University of Damascus and went on to obtain her Masters from Emden in 2019. She is fluent in Kurdish Kurmanji, Arabic, German and English.

In 2020, Bjeen not only received her German passport, but also the National Integration Award. Presented by former Chancellor Angela Merkel, it recognises exceptional achievements in helping refugee women living in germany.
One Year later she was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier for her commitment and support of “Participation in the Immigration Society“. Bjeen founded Transfer of Knowledge in April 2021, a non-profit aimed at empowering refugee women. By utilizing her skills, experiences, and knowledge, she supports these women in achieving financial independence and social inclusion. Aside from her expertise, she is also an effective public speaker.